Monday, October 18, 2010

Please l0ve me??!~

N0 y0u’re n0t the 0ne f0r me
We d0n’t fit 0ne an0ther
Fr0m the m0ment I saw y0u
When y0u entered my heart
Y0u weren’t the 0ne
Y0u are different
D0n’t l00k int0 my eyes
My feelings are c0nfused
They cann0t gr0w
My tears fall first
If I never saw y0u, 
n0! If I never met y0u
This pain never w0uld’ve came
I’m s0rry f0r l0ving y0u
Depending 0n y0u
I c0uldn’t help myself
Y0u were deeply raised fr0m hate
Y0u laid y0ur r00ts in the h0le y0u made In my heart

I l0ve y0u~~ please l0ve me!
N0 we sh0uldn’t be like this
We can’t st0p this anym0re
There’s n0thing I can d0
I can’t erase y0u fr0m my heart